We are an award-winning team of three experienced professionals who share a commitment to excellence in lighting design and a belief in team process as the best way to achieve it.

Our approach is simple: Identify the things people want or need to see. Light only these things, as well as possible. An exciting, effective, and energy-efficient luminous environment will be the result.

Since 1978, we have designed the lighting for more than 4,000 projects.

Our clients include architects, interior designers, developers, building owners and private individuals.

Professional services are planned to meet the needs, scope and budget of each project. We provide a variety of services in addition to general architectural lighting design:

Because of our collective professional experience in architectural lighting, engineering, industrial design, control and theatrical systems, we can help our clients to achieve successfully lighted spaces faster and with greater confidence than if they were to design the lighting on their own. We can save the architect and interior designer hours of frustration and wasted time, and help them to communicate verbally and visually with their clients so that the client can perceive and understand the goals of the design team.